Root Canals in Woodlands, TX

A root canal procedure is necessary when an infection occurs in the tooth pulp, the soft tissue inside the tooth’s canals. This infection is often caused by severe tooth decay or an injury to a tooth that has already decayed. If left untreated, the infection can cause the tooth to die and will need to be extracted. That is why it is essential to visit the dentist at the Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry as soon as you experience any pain in your mouth. Prompt treatment can resolve the issue and save your teeth. 

When Would I Need a Root Canal? 

A root canal is an excellent option to save a tooth at risk of extraction due to decay or infection. Because the pulp inside the tooth has become infected, our dentist will remove the infected pulp and clean the pulp chamber and roots to remove the bacteria and damaged nerves. Once the area is free of bacteria and debris, the dentist will fill the area with a material called gutta-percha to prevent the reinfection of the tooth. Finally, a crown will be placed on the tooth to restore its natural shape and function. The crown will also help protect the tooth from further problems like cracks or fractures. 

A root canal may be necessary to protect the root and surrounding teeth if the enamel has become severely damaged. This procedure can help save the tooth and keep it from being removed in the future. 

The Root Canal Procedure 

During your root canal, our dentist will first numb your tooth with an anesthetic to help reduce any discomfort you may feel during the procedure. Then they will drill a small hole into the tooth and remove the infected nerve and pulp from the inside of the canal using a fine dental file or laser. Once the infection has been removed, our dentist will clean and disinfect your tooth's inside before filling it. However, if the condition is so severe that antibiotics are needed, these will be prescribed during treatment.

Finally, our dentist will place a temporary crown over the treated tooth. Once the healing process is complete, this temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent one. 

Root canals are a standard dental procedure that can help restore a smile to health! If you are concerned about the health of your teeth, visit the Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of the Woodlands at 1733 Woodstead Ct Suite 204, Woodlands, TX 77380, or call (281) 367-5256 to learn more about your options for preventing tooth loss. 

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