Teeth Cleanings in Woodlands, TX

Teeth get dirty from bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup. At the Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we perform dental cleanings to clean out these substances and leave your teeth feeling fresh and clean. Regular cleanings can help you avoid tooth decay and keep your mouth healthy. It is recommended to have regular cleanings twice a year to keep your mouth clean and healthy. 

The Procedure for Teeth Cleanings 

During your cleaning appointment, we will remove surface stains from your teeth. We will also floss your teeth to remove excess plaque and food particles that are stuck between your teeth. Finally, we will use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove bacterial buildup between teeth. 

After your appointment, your teeth should feel amazing! It would help to avoid smoking or drinking red wine after your appointment because the stain can linger on your teeth. Also, avoid eating hard foods for a couple of days after cleaning. Hard foods and large particles can quickly get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and cause discomfort. It will help you avoid further damage to your gums and teeth from food getting stuck in them. 

Why Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned Professionally? 

Most people are prone to cavities and gum disease without even realizing it. A professional cleaning can help the dentist identify and correct any existing problems like these while preventing new ones from forming in the future. For example, our dentist may recommend more frequent cleanings if you are prone to plaque buildup, or you may benefit from fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel and prevent tooth decay.

Our dentist will also polish away stains caused by coffee, wine, tea, and cigarettes. With the proper training, tools, and experience, a dentist can polish teeth to a healthy sheen and remove any plaque or tartar buildup that may be present. The result is a bright, clean smile you can feel confident showing off!

Our dental hygienist will also typically provide tips on improving the health of your teeth and gums at home in-between visits. These may include brushing more often, flossing once daily, or using an alcohol-free mouthwash to reduce bacteria and freshen your breath. 

People at a higher risk for oral health issues may need to visit the dentist more frequently than twice a year. For example, children should get their teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist or hygienist every three or four months to prevent cavities from forming. People with braces or other orthodontic devices should also get their teeth professionally cleaned more often than those who do not have these devices. 

If our dentist evaluates your oral health and determines that you are at risk for periodontal disease, they may recommend more frequent visits for teeth cleanings. For additional information, contact the Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of the Woodlands at 1733 Woodstead Ct Suite 204, Woodlands, TX 77380, or call (281) 367-5256. 

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